Bachelor of Commerce in Retail Management

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The Bachelor of Commerce in Retail Management is an undergraduate qualification that provides an overview of retail management practice in a national and international context.

NQF Level 7


 SAQA - 105708

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WHY study towards a Bachelor of Commerce in Retail Management Degree?

The purpose of this programme is to introduce students to the main functions and management of a retail business and the key issues associated with understanding retail trading and retail environments. The curriculum aims to equip qualifying students with the knowledge and practical skills required to perform effectively in a Retail Management role as well as with an appropriate knowledge base as preparation for further learning.

What CAREER PATH's can I choose after completing this QUALIFICATION?

Sales Manager

Merchandise Manager

Store or warehouse Manager

Assistant Store Manager

District Sales Manager

Food or Product department Manager





 Semester Modules

Business Communication

Retail Management in Context

Annual modules

Business Management 1

Economics 1

Accounting 1

Semester 1

Business Ethics in retail

Business and Consumer Law

Operations management

Semester 2

Strategic Retail Marketing 202

Supply Chain Management

Retail Risk Management 202

Semester 1

Procurement Management

Sales Marketing

Retail risk management

Semester 2

Customer relationship marketing

Financial Management

Strategic retail marketing


Display knowledge of retail management in general
Apply skills of rational judgement, planning, and independent decision-making
Interpret and evaluate evidence objectively
Recognise and respond to change within the retail sector
Make appropriate use of information technology
Critically analyse and solve retail management problems
Display ethical behaviour in a retail management context
Apply research and communication skills for effective retail management

ADMISSION requirements

A national Senior Certificate with Bachelor’s Degree endorsement or any other NQF 4 qualification or equivalent.