In partnership with the Digital Marketing Institute, Forge Academy offers a wide variety of certified digital marketing qualifications for those looking to embark on a career in digital marketing, upskill to land that next promotion or business owners looking to put their business one step ahead of the competition. 

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Become a Certified Digital Marketing Professional by understanding the fundamentals of digital marketing and gaining an understanding of the key digital specialisms, from mobile and social media marketing to email, YouTube & display advertising, PPC and SEO.

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This program is aimed at anyone involved in planning a digital strategy, or likely to be involved in this area in the future. Covered within this certification are social and customer service, big data and analytics, budget and resourcing, digital leadership and much more.

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This certification is ideal for social media specialists, enthusiasts, executives or anyone wanting to enhance their knowledge in this area. It has been designed to help you engage effectively with social media in an overall digital marketing domain. Covered within this certification are content creation, content outreach, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, social media, marketing automation and much more.

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Ideal for professionals who wish to understand key search marketing campaign metrics, analysis and optimization. Specialized modules including SEO setup, SEO content, paid search, video advertising, analytics and much more.

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Digital tools and techniques have become an essential component of any modern sales professional’s arsenal. It has been designed to equip sales professionals with the best social selling techniques, tools and knowledge to integrate digital into sales processes, boost engagement and increase conversions.

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Designed for non-marketers seeking to understand why digital is disrupting and transforming businesses of all types today. Learn about digital consumer behaviour and the customer journey, social media, the changed buying process, social selling, websites, email, and the digital mindset.

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Not sure which course will be best suited for your skills or need help in identifying the areas for development? Try our free skills test that helps you benchmark your skills against your professional competition.

On completion of the diagnostic quizzes, you will be provided with a  free, bespoke report outlining your personal digital skill level, which you can use to select the right course to develop your digital skills.

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