Diploma in Public Relations Management

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This programme will provide knowledge, specific skills and applied competence in several areas traditionally associated with public relations.

NQF Level 6


SAQA - 112246

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WHY study towards a Diploma in Public Relations Management?

The purpose of this qualification is to provide students with an avenue that will result in employment across various fields of media and marketing. Enable students to explore key areas, techniques, theoretical foundations and best practices in media.

What CAREER PATH's can I choose after completing this QUALIFICATION?

Marketing Coordinator


Media Buyer

Account Executive

Public Information Officer

Investor Relations Manager





Semester Modules

Management Principles 101
Media Writing and Environment 101
Annual Modules

Public Relations 1
Communication Studies 1
Marketing and Media 

Semester Modules

Business Ethics
Media Law
Annual Modules

Public Relations 2
Communication Studies 2
Marketing and Media 2

Semester Modules

Digital Marketing

Public Relations in Corporate Environment

Annual Modules

Public Relations 3

Communication Studies 3

Marketing and Media 3


Demonstrate a sound knowledge of the nature, characteristics, practices and functions of public relations
Apply the techniques of public relations and evaluate its impact on business • Examine contemporary issues and challenges in public relations management
Critically explain the value of communication in public relations
Understand and apply the various forms of communication strategies
Provide an assessment of the current trends of new marketing landscapes and examine various forms of media
Analyse and respond appropriately to the marketing environment
Acknowledge the significance of social media platforms and create a social media toolkit
Apply the various management principles and processes in conjunction with public relations within a business environment
Comprehend the background and strategies of printing and publishing within the public relations management realm
Demonstrate a sound understanding of, and apply the various approaches to corporate social responsibility

ADMISSION requirements

National senior certificate with minimum Diploma admission or a relevant NQF4 qualification or equivalent; ‘A’ or ‘O’ level certificate