Master of Business Administration

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A qualification that would pave the way to top managerial positions within large or multinational corporations and still relevant to smaller, progressive companies as well as entrepreneurs.

NQF Level 9


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WHY study towards a Master of Business Administration?

(MBA) is the world’s best known and most widely recognised management education qualification. It has become one of the most sought after qualification in today’s corporate world as a prerequisite to most top management positions as well as for successful career progression. Worldwide leading business leaders consider an MBA as key to the continual success of careers in sectors like manufacturing, engineering, business, education, healthcare and other service sectors.

What CAREER PATH's can I choose after completing this QUALIFICATION?

Global Business Manager

Operations Managers

Financial Controller

Information Systems Manager

Management Consultant

Private Equity Manager

Investment Banker



Semester 1 (6 Months)

Strategic and Change Management
Accounting and Finance
Leadership and Human Capital Development
Governance and Sustainability
Semester Two (6 months)

Managerial Economics
Strategic Marketing
Information and Knowledge Management
Operations and Supply Chain Management
Global Political Economy


Semester One (4 months)

Research and Statistical Methods
Elective – Choose one of the following:
Public Sector Management
Healthcare Management
Islamic Finance and Banking
Educational Management
Project Management
Semester Two (4 months)



Display research skills in solving work-related problems.
Communicate knowledge acquired in a research-based project to contribute to socio-economic transformation.
Identify, analyse and solve management and commercial problems in a systematic, critical, ethical and creative way.

ADMISSION requirements

The level of attainment required for entry into this programme is:

  • an appropriate Honours Degree or equivalent qualification OR;

  • an appropriate Postgraduate Diploma or equivalent qualification OR;

  • a professional Bachelor’s degree at NQF level 8 (480 credits)

In addition to this the applicant must:

  • be 25 years of age or older and;

  • have at least three years of working experience

In keeping with the national imperatives of widening access, a maximum of 10% of the cohort may be admitted via the alternate admissions route of RPL.