Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Management and Leadership

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This programme examines issues such as management principles, educational governance, leadership in education, financial management in educational institutions and the use of information technology in education.

NQF Level 8


SAQA - 117087

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WHY study towards a Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Management and Leadership?

The Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Management and Leadership is a one-year post graduate qualification that seeks to develop capacity in management and leadership in an educational management context. The focus of the programme is to improve the practice of management and leadership in the educational sector. It is directed towards persons who hold or are aspiring to hold management responsibilities within educational institutions. 

What CAREER PATH's can I choose after completing this QUALIFICATION?

School Senior Management

School Principal

Head of Department/Faculty

Fundraising Manager

Assistant Principal

Facilities Manager



Principles of Educational Management
Leadership in Education
Governance in Education
Using Information Technology
Financial Decision Making in Educational Management
Research in Educational Management


Apply quantitative methodologies
Acquire academic and professional knowledge required for leadership of educational institutions
Apply management principles in an educational context
Administer financial resources in an educational institution
Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the functioning of an educational institution
Display knowledge of the provisions of relevant legislation relating to the governance of educational institutions
Be aware of the implications of information and communication technology

ADMISSION requirements

A Bachelors Degree or Advanced Diploma or equivalent qualification; Two years of work experience