Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management

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The Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management will provide project management skills and knowledge to persons who have discipline-specific knowledge and experience.

NQF Level 8


SAQA - 117087

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WHY study towards a Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management?

As organisations are becoming increasingly project-based, these skills will enable persons to design and execute multiple projects to operationalise the strategic objectives of the institution. Project management is regarded as a useful competence to deliver products and services on time, within budget and according to predetermined quality specifications. The programme aims to allow students to develop competencies associated with effective project
management practices.

What CAREER PATH's can I choose after completing this QUALIFICATION?

Senior Project Manager

Project Scheduler

Business Analyst

Logistics Manager/Coordinator

Junior Business Analyst



Project Integration Management
Project Procurement and Supply Chain Management
Project Cost Management
Project Leadership
Project Risk Management
Project Quality Management


Assess the impact of digital technologies on the marketing function.
Discuss the strategic benefits and implementation of digital marketing and multi- channel marketing.
Effectively implement information systems to achieve business objectives and goals.
Develop strategies using information systems to harness a competitive edge in digital marketing.
Understand the terms and tools used to measure and improve digital market effectiveness
Develop an appropriate process to collect metrics for digital marketing effectiveness
Assess strategies for developing and organising social media content for digital marketing campaigns
Examine the impact of social entertainment on digital marketing strategies.

ADMISSION requirements

An appropriate bachelor’s degree or Advanced Diploma or equivalent qualification, and two years of managerial work experience.