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Network Professional Certification

In today's digital age, networking plays a pivotal role in enabling seamless communication, efficient data transfer, and optimal performance across various industries. By enrolling in Network Pro, you will gain the competitive edge needed to thrive in this ever-evolving landscape.

WHY study towards becoming a Network Professional?

Network Pro is a comprehensive program meticulously crafted to empower students like you in enhancing their expertise and proficiency in connecting devices within a professional networking environment. Our program goes beyond theory and dives deep into practical application, providing you with hands-on experience and real-world scenarios to sharpen your networking abilities. From configuring networks to troubleshooting connectivity issues, you will acquire the necessary skills to excel in a professional setting.


Powerful lab simulations truly replicate the IT workplace. It's kind of like an internship.

Give a wide-range of lab experiences with multiple OS, hardware, and software.

CompTIA Network+ Exam Perpetration

Help diverse learners build confidence and gain marketable networking skills.

Up-to-date simulated hardware and software interact with each other, like in the real world.


Network Professional Certification
  • Network Introduction 

  • Network Basics

  • Networking Cabling and Hardware Devices

  • Network Addressing and Services

  • Ethernet

  • Firewalls and Intrusion Detection

  • Switching and Routing

  • Specialized networks

  • Wireless Networking

  • Wide Area Networks (WANs)

  • Network operations and Management

  • Network Security

  • Hardening and Update Management

  • Network Optimization and Troubleshooting

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