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Routing and Switching Pro is a comprehensive training program that prepares participants for successful careers as Cisco Network Administrators. It offers an engaging, all-in-one training experience where participants perform common tasks in a networked environment

WHY study towards becoming a Routing & Switching Professional?

With the help of user-friendly technology, students will develop hands-on skills using up-to-date software, enabling them to acquire the knowledge and confidence necessary to obtain certifications and secure employment opportunities.


Give a wide range of lab experiences with Cisco routing and switching devices.

Help diverse learners build confidence and gain marketable Cisco Admin skills.

CISCO CCNA Examination Preparation

Help diverse learners build confidence and gain marketable network defense skills.

Up-to-date simulated hardware and software interact with each other, like in the real world.


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  • Introduction to Routing and Switching

  • Networking Concepts

  • CISCO Devices

  • IP Addressing

  • IP Addressing

  • IPV4 Routing

  • IPV4 Routing Protocols

  • IPV6 Routing

  • Wireless Networks

  • WAN Implementation

  • Advanced Switching

  • Access Control Lists

  • Network Management

  • Network Security

  • Cryptography

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