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5G Certification

Master the full potential of 5G


Gain a broad, technical understanding of this revolutionary technology in partnership with market and innovation leader Nokia Bell Labs.

The 5G certification program is an international premium training and certification program for anyone interested in learning and applying knowledge of 5G. Gain a competitive advantage and become a leader in your field with the skills and expertise needed to strategise and plan 5G business solutions.


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Establish professional credentials, improve career opportunities and advancement

Enhance your knowledge of 5G from an industry and innovation leader 

Develop an integrated 5G business / technology strategy

Sharpen your competitive edge and gain credibility with potential customers & employers

5G Certification Programs

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5G Associate Certification

The Associate Certification is the starting point for the 5G Certification program designed for students needing to understand basic 5G concepts and frameworks.  Associate level certification provides foundational information on the key business issues, fundamental principles and technical pillars of 5G. 

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5G Professional Certification

The Professional Certification consists of advanced domain-specific certifications covering 5G strategy and planning. Each professional level certification builds off topics covered in the Associate Certification to provide a more detailed examination of the critical components of a 5G network. The 5G Professional will be able to apply the concepts and frameworks to conduct analyses needed in support of 5G business and technology strategy and planning decisions.

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