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5G Industrial Automation Networks Certification

5G Industrial Automation

This course will delve into the relevance of safety, productivity and efficiency, the three underlying business drivers of Industrial Automation. With this as the central driver, the course will examine how essential 5G access, network and digital technologies enable Industrial Automation.

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WHY study towards a 5G Industrial Automation Networks Certification?

The 5G Industrial Automation Networks course is part of the Professional Level of the 5G Certification Program. In addition, the course will introduce and work through real case studies and industrial automation deployments to reinforce your understanding of how 5G enables the industry’s key business imperatives.

Programme OUTCOMES

Explore the range of safety, productivity and efficiency requirements driving 5G’s role in Industrial Automation.

Examine a framework to guide important business and technology 5G decisions for Industrial Automation.

Discover 5G access, network and digital enablers of Industrial Automation.

Analyze how a range of industries meet business needs by leveraging 5G to collect data, build knowledge, and drive action.

Review a recommended implementation approach for 5G-enabled Industrial Automation.

Course structure:

Unit 1: The Business Imperative

Industry’s business imperatives • Evolving technology capabilities • Applied industry solutions

Unit 2: 5G Enablers for Industrial Automation

Introduction • Access enablers • Network enablers • Digital enablers

Unit 3: Planning for Industrial Automation

5G Core ecosystem • 5G Core functions and features • 5G Core solutions and deployment options • Core orchestration and


Unit 4: Applying Industrial Automation

Transport ecosystem • Transport architecture and technologies • Transport solutions and deployment options • Transport orchestration and automation

Unit 5: Moving forward with Industrial Automation 

5G Network and deployment overview • Digital automation services and slicing • Case study realization through end-to-end networking

5G Automation
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