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Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing


The global standard in DIGITAL MARKETING training...

World Class Certification

Get in the game and become an in-demand Certified Digital Marketing Professional by understanding the fundamentals of digital marketing and gaining an understanding of the key digital specialisms, from mobile and social media marketing to email, YouTube & display advertising, PPC and SEO.

Digital Marketing Professional Network of Companies

Join over 165,000 members around the world, working for some of the world’s top companies

Join over 165,000 members around the world, working for some of the world’s top companies

Stay RELEVANT in an ever-changing DIGITAL WORLD.

Through dynamic video presentations and practical learning activities (including tutorials and exercises), you will acquire a hands-on learning experience that will enable you to demonstrate a strong foundation in digital marketing, covering the main concepts, techniques, and skills required in order to develop, plan, and implement an effective digital marketing strategy.

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Those in traditional marketing careers who are looking to update their skillset.

Marketers working in Management and Senior Management.

Those who have just graduated and want to hit the ground running and up their skills in digital marketing immediately.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses owners.

Anyone hoping to implement an up to date digital strategy for their company.

What will I LEARN?

The course comprises ten modules that provide in-depth coverage of all the key disciplines required for best practice digital marketing. In short, you’ll be a skilled digital marketer, capable of building digital marketing strategies from scratch.


Introduction to Digital Marketing

Principles of Digital Marketing Digital Research Developing ObjectivesCultural Research Connecting with the Customer 

Paid Search (PPC) using Google Ads

Fundamentals of Paid Search Search Campaign Management Paid Search Campaign Measurement Paid Search Campaign Creation with Google Ads 

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Fundamentals Email Design Testing and Optimising an Email Campaign Tools and Strategy Creating an Effective Email Campaign Marketing Automation 

Analytics with Google Analytics

Web Analytics Fundamentals Creating and Configuring a Google Analytics Account Monitoring Campaigns with Google Analytics ReportsSetting Goals with Google AnalyticsAnalysing and Recording Google Analytics Data 

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Concepts and Strategy Developing a Content Marketing Plan Publishing and Distributing Content Using Content Research to Find Opportunities Creating and Curating ContentMetrics and Performance 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO Fundamentals Keywords and SEO ContentPlan Measuring SEO Performance Aligning SEO and Business Objectives Optimise Organic Search Ranking 

Display and Video Advertising

Fundamentals of Display & Video Advertising Google Display Network and Video Ad Formats Creating & Managing a YouTube Channel Creating Display and Video Campaigns Targeting Display & Video Campaigns Measurement & Optimisation  

Website Optimisation

Web Design and Website Optimisation Design Principles and Website Copy Publishing a Basic Website User-Centered Design and Website Optimisation Website Metrics and Developing Insight 

Social Media Marketing

Key Social Platforms for Digital Marketing Growing and Engaging an Audience Setting up a Social Media Experience for a Business Creating and Optimising Social Media Campaigns Developing Data-Driven Audience and Campaign Insights 

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Strategy Fundamentals Setting Strategy Objectives and KPIs Digital Strategy Research Developing a Creative Strategy • Executing a Digital Marketing Strategy Communicating a Digital Marketing Strategy

Additional Information & FAQ's


How long is this digital marketing diploma?

This course consists of approximately 30-hours of course content. You have up to 24 weeks to complete the course, during which time you can access your course content wherever and whenever you want. Average completion time is between 8-10 weeks

Will my digital marketing qualification be recognised?

The Digital Marketing Institute is the global certification body for Digital Marketing education. Our certification is highly sought after by employers around the world. 

The DMI Pro qualification has been credit rated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

Please note that this course is not registered on the SAQA Framework.

How is the digital marketing diploma assessed?

The Assessment is one three hour exam. These are administered by our testing partner, Pearson Vue, via its global network of test centres.

The exam is split into three sections. Candidates need to achieve a minimum of 60% to pass the exam.


Your examination fee is included in the price but subsequent re-sits due to failed attempts will incur a fee of approximately €60 or local currency equivalent payable directly to Pearson Vue when you book your repeat attempt.

Is this digital marketing diploma technical?

No, in the sense that it is not a programming course, and you will not have to learn any coding. The DMI Pro course focuses on the commercial aspect of online marketing.

Overall, this course has been designed to help you improve your knowledge of online digital marketing, strategy and measurement.

Digital Marketing Professional Network of Companies

Join over 165,000 members around the world, working for some of the world’s top companies

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