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Professional Diploma in Digital Strategy and Planning


Taking DIGITAL STRATEGY to a whole new level...

World Class Certification

A course for when you don't just want to play the digital marketing game anymore, you want to drive it and change it. This specialist Digital Strategy and Planning certification is perfect for you to become an online digital marketer. Here is power. The power to influence. To speak to billions of people.

Digital Marketing Professional Network of Companies

Join over 165,000 members around the world, working for some of the world’s top companies

STRATEGY and TECHNIQUES to drive change and success

Validated by the Digital Marketing Institute’s Industry Advisory Council, the learning content is industry-aligned and offers the opportunity to earn a globally recognized professional certification. This dynamic online Diploma in Digital Strategy & Planning course covers topics in digital communications, analytics, marketing automation and budget & strategy formulation giving you the skills, know-how, strategy and techniques to be that change. 

Digital Strategy


Sharp and experienced players of the digital sales and marketing game who aren’t content to be mere players anymore. You want to drive the game. You want to change it
Sales professionals. Marketing Managers. Team leaders. Business Consultants and Developers. Professionals who’ve taken their vision as far as they can go without specialised skills – and plan to fix that
Entrepreneurs who want to be more entrepreneurial
Those who realise specialisation gives you a real, sharp, tangible competitive edge -with which to slice through the competition
Inspired career changers
Talented people who know that Certification makes doors open

What will I LEARN?

Create a powerful and dynamic digital strategy, see it manifest into real world, driving business-changing actions.



This module will introduce you to the 3i methodology and framework. Address the complexities of planning and become familiar with the concept of strategic management and reporting.

Digital Communications

Explore the concept of digital communications and how to engage with a digital audience. Understand the fundamentals of digital communications planning improving ROI.

Digital Channels

Be introduced to the value, characteristics and suitability of social media platforms and contextualize the digital landscape, including Search Marketing (SEO), Email Marketing, Digital Display Advertising, Mobile Marketing, and Social Media Marketing

Automation & Communication

Become empowered with automating digital marketing processes in the areas of lead management, lead generation, lead nurturing, sales enablement, social media marketing automation and customer evangelism.

Budget & Resourcing

Investigate and understand the crucial aspects of planning and maintaining a budget in your digital marketing strategy. Monitor and optimize a budget during campaign execution as well as human elements.

Big Data & Analytics

This module will provide you with a broad understanding of Big Data, Advanced Analytics and AI. Explore elements and practices that make up an efficient analytical approach.

Digital Leadership

Be guided in your transition from a traditional to a digital strategy and empower you to mentor coach and lead your team in their digital marketing activities. Learn how to bridge the gap between marketing and sales and act as a social leader.

Strategy Formulation & Plan

Bring together all the strands of the Digital Strategy and Planning Program. Methodologies for utilizing a SWOT Analysis to develop SMART objectives and create a coherent strategic plan for your organisation.

Traditional Communications

Explore communication before digital marketing became widespread and how it has evolved. Explore the strengths of traditional communication methods, as well as the limitations and digital integration opportunities.

Additional Information & FAQ's


Why should I earn this certification?

Planning and strategy are key to any digital marketing campaign.


Earning this certification will introduce you to digital communications, and help you develop a measured and well-considered strategy and coherent plan for an organization.

Will my digital marketing qualification be recognised?

DMI qualifications are world-class. This allows you to take your Digital Marketing Institute qualification with you, no matter where your exciting career may take you.

How is the digital marketing diploma assessed?

Certified Digital Marketing Specialist - Digital Strategy & Planning is assessed by one two hour exam; these are administered by our computer-based testing partner, Pearson Vue, via its global network of test centres. Candidates need to achieve a minimum of 60% to pass the exam.


Your examination fee is included in the course price but subsequent re-sits due to failed attempts will incur a fee of approximately €60 or local currency equivalent payable directly to the Pearson Vue when you book your repeat attempt.

Do I need to have a marketing background?

A background in a related discipline is not required – the aim of the Professional Diploma is to allow you to learn everything you need to know about strategy and planning within a broader digital marketing spectrum and to kickstart a new and exciting career.


 The only prerequisite is that you have an interest in a digital marketing career.

Digital Marketing Professional Network of Companies

Join over 165,000 members around the world, working for some of the world’s top companies

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