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5G NETWORK Certification

5G Networking

This 5G Networking Course will go much deeper in the Access, Core and Transport topics, which are the three domains of 5G Networking.

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WHY study towards a 5G Network Certification?

If you have already followed the Foundation Course, you will have a good understanding of the foundational 5G concepts and frameworks, in both the technical aspects (networking, cloud, slicing, security) and the business aspects (use cases, industrial automation). This course will go much deeper into the Access, Core and Transport topics, which are the three domains of 5G Networking. While this is the central part of the course, we’ll also link some topics with Cloud and Slicing,

Programme OUTCOMES

Understand the business trends and technology evolution that is driving the need for an end-to-end networking approach in 5G

Understand the 3 elements of 5G Networking – Access, Core, Transport, along with essential deployment and automation planning considerations.

Understand the benefits of leveraging pre-integrated end-to-end solutions in enabling industry use cases

Evaluate the important interplay across 5G Networking and the impact on the end-to-end performance needs of emerging 5G industry applications.

Provide guidance on how to apply these advanced concepts in strategizing and planning in the Service Provider and Industrial/Enterprise environments.

Course structure:

Unit 1: Use Cases requirements

Use cases • Network performance requirements

Unit 2: Access

Access ecosystem • Fixed & Fixed Wireless Access • Massive scale RAN and New Radio • Access solutions and deployment options

Access orchestration and automation • Case study exercise

Unit 3: Core

5G Core ecosystem • 5G Core functions and features • 5G Core solutions and deployment options • Core orchestration and


Unit 4: Transport

Transport ecosystem • Transport architecture and technologies • Transport solutions and deployment options • Transport orchestration and automation

Unit 5: Network Deployment for Use Case Realization

5G Network and deployment overview • Digital automation services and slicing • Case study realization through end-to-end networking

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