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World Class Certification

Sharpen your digital selling & social media skills with this unique program. Master the art of finding, targeting, attracting and engaging prospects, closing sales, and building deeper post-sales relationships using a range of new social media tactics and tools.

Digital Marketing Professional Network of Companies

Join over 165,000 members around the world, working for some of the world’s top companies

The NEW-AGE method for new age SALES PROFESSIONALS

As traditional selling methods are no longer enough to sustain success, digital tools and techniques have become an essential component of any modern sales professional’s arsenal. Aligned with industry and designed by experts, this program provides a globally recognised certification sure to benefit any modern seller.

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This SOCIAL SELLING SPECIALIST program is aimed at:

Sales professionals. Marketing Managers. Team leaders. Business Consultants and Developers. Professionals who’ve taken their vision as far as they can go without specialised skills – and plan to fix that 
Entrepreneurs who want to be more entrepreneurial 
Those who realise specialisation gives you a real, sharp, tangible competitive edge -with which to slice through the competition 
Talented people who know that Certification makes doors open

What will I LEARN?

Sales techniques such as cold calling struggle to get results, meaning successful sellers need to understand how to prospect and nurture effectively online, particularly through social networks.  This course will quickly give you the social selling tools that are an essential part of any successful sales strategy.


Fundamentals of Social Selling

This module will help you understand social selling, how it has transformed the sales process, and how you can leverage tools and techniques to become a prolific social seller.

Attracting Customers

Understand the drivers and identify relevant content for the buyer community. Match the optimal content with the right channels to nurture leads and maximize your chances of success

Increasing Engagement

Understand buyers' needs and motivations through their behavior online. Add value to content so that you present yourself as a trusted business advisor and build deeper engagement

Closing & Retaining

Strengthen relationships, encourage direct engagement and increase conversions. Create opportunities to cross and up-sell when it presents as well as how to build a deeper post-sale relationship

Finding & Targeting Prospects

Be enabled to build accurate personas for the sectors you are focused on by monitoring online conversations and digital behavior for personalised engagement with your target prospects.

Additional Information & FAQ's


Where will my qualification be recognised?

The Digital Marketing Institute is the global certification standard for digital marketing and selling.


We will provide you with a high-quality, transferable qualification that is developed and validated by the digital industry, and recognized and respected worldwide.

Please note that this course is not registered with SAQA.

What will I accomplish after completing this certification?

Upon successful completion of a 1-hour examination, you will be awarded a globally recognised specialist certification in digital and social selling.


You will understand how to find, attract and engage prospects through social, content and an existing network. What’s more, you will benefit from selling techniques and tools to better nurture, achieve faster conversion rates and maintain post sale contact to both upsell further.

Do I need to have a digital sales background?

A background in a related discipline is not required. We recommend this course to sales professionals or individuals interested in pursuing a career in the industry. 

The aim of this social sales course is to teach you everything you need to know about incorporating digital tools and practices into your social selling strategy, so you can achieve your targets, increase your OTE and position yourself as a digital and social selling expert.

Why should I earn this certification?

It has been designed to equip sales professionals with the best social selling techniques, tools and knowledge to integrate digital into sales processes, boost engagement and increase conversions.


Designed to be a complete tool kit for B2B sales reps, develop a new skillset and practically explore a new area of selling.

Digital Marketing Professional Network of Companies

Join over 165,000 members around the world, working for some of the world’s top companies

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